About Us

Evangelist Hazeline Taylor

Inspiring people to find meaning and purpose in life.

We are a Faith based organisation that is dedicated to serve and support the upliftment of individuals. At a time when everything is so everwhelming, we focus on remaining grounded through biblical teachings and practices.


Life is an amazing gift that cannot be replicated, and we believe that it's fulfilment, is experienced, when we identify our true purpose. That is realised, when we sieve through all the external blockages, and discover the treasure/s that our creator has placed within us.

Our History

We are not just a church we are a family ministry. We are passionate about the individual and their wellbeing. We know God has the best for each of His child, and as agents of change, in the business of God's Kingdom here on earth, we find it's our mandate to assist averyone we encounter in reaching that endeavour.

Through His teachings and instructions (His Word) we are able to do our bit for the world. We are fervent and zealous with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and also fun loving and zealous about life. He came that we should have life, and experience it more abundantly.





Started as a small group in the home of one member. Persevered and had a large baptism in 2008 where the number increased. We then move to renting community centres for worship

We acquired corrent location which has been a tremendous blessing and now second home to it's congregation. We have been more stable and the Grace of God has kept and sustained us.

We commenced our Foodbank and clothes drive, which serves our local and surrounding communities and families that encounter dire need. All through the Grace of God and our supporting partners.

We are Expecting God's Supernatural Power and Favour for 2023 and beyond

Our Staff

John Robert Taylor

Leader/Deputy Bishop

Clifford Russell


Claris Warner


Hazeline Taylor